06/07 2016


  • Professionals from Ferrol´s  sanitary area will take the “in situ simulation” to Reganosa to  train workers for emergency assistance on multiple injuries or occupational accidents cases
  • This agreement will involve the incorporation of a new high fidelity mannequin, a laparoscopic virtual surgery simulator to the simulation rooms and advances on the audiovisual system of the classrooms
  • The arrangement  will generate values for both parts and improve on security, that is strategic for the company

Sergas and Reganosa will collaborate over the next five years to provide new equipment to the Simulation Rooms that the Ferrol´s Integrated Administration has in the Naval Hospital and improve the training of professionals of the company in occupational safety and health. To do this, both parts signed an agreement today through the Novoa Santos Foundation.

The director of the Novoa Santos Foundation, Patricia Rey Pérez; and Reganosa´s manager, Emilio Bruquetas Serantes, signed the agreement this morning in the training area of the simulation classrooms, on the fourth floor of the Naval Hospital from the Ferrol´s  University Hospital Complex, accompanied by the head of the Ferrol´s  Integrated Administration, Ángel Facio Villanueva; the director of the Support Procedures from the Integrated Administration, Fernanda López Creciente; responsible of education and coordinator of the  simulation classrooms, Ramón López de los Reyes;  and Reganosa´s  Administration manager, Lucía García. They visited the classrooms, saw a demonstrative video of the developed activities and then, signed this new collaboration agreement.

Besides providing resources to the simulation classrooms (a new high fidelity mannequin, a laparoscopic virtual surgery simulator to the simulation rooms and advances on the audiovisual system, among others), the agreement will allow Reganosa, leading company on industrial safety, develop skills and provide knowledge to its employees to prevent accidents and the advancement on care for people who work at the regasification plant. Professionals of the Ferrol´s University Hospital Complex will be in charge of the worker´s training.

Collaboration between institutions

People involved in the agreement highlighted this morning the importance of establishing partnerships between institutions for the benefits that will generate to the region. The director of the Novoa Santos Foundation, Patricia Rey Pérez, highlighted the value of “involve social and business entities in RD; and thanked Reganosa its contribution on the advancement in prevention and public health training”.

On the other side, Emilio Bruquetas Serantes, underlined that collaboration will improve Reganosa´s employees training and deepen the incorporation of best practices in occupational safety and risk prevention, which are an irreplaceable part of processes developed by the company. “The collaboration between Ferrol´s Integrated Administration and Reganosa – said Emilio Bruquetas- will generate value for both parts and gain security. We have an essential value on safety, this agreement has great importance because will allow us to be better on a field we consider strategic”.

The Ferrol´s head of the Integrated Administration, Angel Facio Villanueva, stressed the need to “promote training and preventive activities to help minimize risks, and improve the population´s training to face possible necessary assistances”, such as accidents in the workplace, injuries, cuts or cardiac arrests.

Thus, as stated in the agreement, the Novoa Santos Foundation "has as an objective promote research, teaching and scientific-technological development and innovation on the health area and sciences health"; and the Ferrol´s University Hospital Complex "has care, research and accredited teaching devices" with "professional and scientific prestige human resources suitable for the development of research projects and innovation" and with a " simulation classroom that develop on a systematically way activities related to vital support ". On the other hand, Reganosa as specified in the agreement- "wish to undertake health promotion and risk prevention training lines" that complements and reinforces a line of work in which it is a reference. For all these issues this new area of cooperation is established.

Reganosa has for its regasification plant on the Ferrol´s port an intensive safety training program, which covers both; own employees and different emergency services bodies. Also they undergo to periodic tests all the necessary equipment for these assumptions. The training they will now receive by healthcare professionals, technicians that operate the regasification plant, will upload a new step in this field, in addition to advances in occupational health.

Is necessary to remember that the simulation is about to recreate in an artificial way real processes to achieve the learning goal. In the health area, they work with mannequins, stages, equipment, and materials that simulate different situations or body parts to practice on them. The simulation- both, spaces and situations- allows a first theoretical knowledge of the technique is to be done, and make the first clinical trainings before the actual application on a patient.

In situ simulation is developing since last year in Ferrol, and involves moving the simulation out of the classrooms taking it to the place where the daily professional work is done, to give even more realism been performed by multidisciplinary teams that address these real situations day to day. They were made for example, in the hospital. As part of this agreement, there is another step taken, learning is transferred through the in situ simulation to the community, out of the strictly sanitary area, collaborating so that workers know how to face and act in critical emergency situations.

Along with this, simulation rooms from Ferrol´s area incorporate a new high fidelity mannequin that reproduces the human physiological characteristics. Is the most complete existing today, and will be useful to carry to make practices both, professionals in the health area and Reganosa workers. Besides, on a more specialized field, there will be incorporated to the simulation classroom the laparoscopy simulator. This new device will allow the person who is training to see different parts of the body such as a colon, a stomach, a uterus or kidney- and have the sensation of touching them. They can simulate many different types of surgery, and the whole process of the surgery, since the patient arrives until he is discharged. Finally, in the framework of this agreement, it will also improve the installation of audio and video of the rooms.

Ferrol´s simulation rooms, harnessing resources

Remember that Ferrol´s Integrated Administration premiered on April 2013; their simulation classrooms on the fourth plant of the Naval Hospital at Ferrols´s University Hospital Complex, and are available to professionals, for individual use and collective. This space is configured for a medical simulation classroom, a surgical simulation, a critical care, and training. They were the second from Galicia to be activated, and the first of these features, they were designed by the professionals themselves and for their own training, using both, new material and material from different services, sections and units of the Administration that could be use but were replaced by a newer ones.

Simulation rooms are an integrated project based on the reuse of own resources for new residents formation and continuing education of all health professionals; since the material is used for both training new professionals and for the technical approach to news, or any professional can improve their skills individually. Working with simulation assumes that professionals reach patients with the best training, and great skills in different techniques. This training can be done as many times as necessary; improves learning technique, eliminating the stress of doing it with a patient; and, in parallel, also prints more security for that patient. Definitely, it improves and minimizes the training in certain medical-surgical techniques; and provides training for future complex clinical situations.

The classrooms, cataloged and organized, the different materials that is in the Administration for training and simulation of real health activity. The signature of this agreement implies an "important qualitative jump, incorporating the latest in simulation, for the benefit of Ferrol´s population," explains the coordinator of rooms, Ramon Lopez de los Reyes. Medical simulation classroom is covered with cabinets with equipment and material available, both new and existing (simulators mannequins, tables for practices....). You can simulate, among other things, a birth, a rectal exam, or punctures in different parts of the human body to approach veins.

In the other hand, in the surgical simulation classroom is possible to make a laparoscopic simulation (minimally invasive surgical technique that avoids making large surgical incisions) to access, for example, the bladder or colon. Dead animal material is used to get even closer to the real situation. There are thirty square meters, equipped with a freezer and a refrigerator for maintaining organic material, storage cabinets, hydrants, oxygen and a computer with internet access.

In the critical care classroom, last to get activated reproduces a room to provide attention to patients in critical situations with a doll. This doll simulates all clinical situations that can occur when a shutdown occurs, and breaths as the affected person would; and responds, for example, throwing up if the technique is not properly done. Finally, the training room has around thirty seats, counts with all the necessary audiovisual material. Through cameras, they can see on the screen of the training classroom everything is being done; and even simulated scenarios in classrooms, as was done with traffic accidents, traumas (bike and motorcycle falls), limb amputation, or occupancy accidents. Many of these topics will be reengaged in the framework of this agreement for workers of the region.

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