10/23 2017


  • The prime minister of the Region and multiple partners and institutions support the company’s plan to provide liquefied natural gas as marine fuel
  • The energy firm shows in a new video the economic and environmental advantages linked to the development of the idea

Reganosa, included on the shortlist to buy a 66 percent stake of Greece’s natural gas grid operator (DESFA), has launched in parallel its LNG hub project in the Northwest of the Iberian Peninsula. The energy company aims at provide liquefied natural gas as marine fuel to a wide range of clients. It wants to do it from its first regasification terminal, located in the port of Ferrol (Galicia, Spain), one of the safest in the continent. Every year, there are 40.000 ships sailing close to there on route from Europe to America, Africa and Asia, and vice versa.

Reganosa has released today a corporate video explaining the economic and environmental advantages linked to the development of the LNG hub in the northwest Iberian, an idea that support multiple partners and institutions. One of them is the Regional Government. Even the Galician prime minister, Alberto Núñez Feijoo, expresses his personal endorse in the video.

“We must not miss this opportunity to build up Galicia as an ideal location for supplying ships with liquefied natural gas. It would be worthwhile for Galicia to play an important role in the international liquefied natural gas energy area. And, as something worthwhile, we will make it happen. I am certain we have the means, tools and resources to turn Galicia into a logistical centre, a central point for liquefied natural gas distribution”, states Feijoo.

In the same video, the company’s chairman, José María Paz Goday, says: “After ten years operating, Reganosa it has become a truly multinational enterprise within Galicia’s energy sector. Our projects include supporting the transition to gas as the fuel of choice among many sectors and, for that reason, we are trying to create a hub in the northwest corner of Spain which serves the whole of Europe”. “I have been _adds the managing director, Emilio Bruquetas_ with Reganosa since its inception. Today, we are an innovative, global company. We welcome challenges, especially those that help us effect change within our society. This is why we are directing all of our knowledge towards creating a LNG HUB in Galicia. We are certain that it will serve as a major lever for guaranteeing sustainability within some of our most important sectors, such as fishing and the port network”.

Reganosa is a Spanish energy company which works on the development, operation and maintenance of natural gas infrastructures, in accordance with the principles of safety, efficiency and flexibility. It is certified as a transmission system operator (TSO) and manages two key access points to the natural gas system in Europe, ensuring supply diversification and security, the integration of the single market and proper operation of transport networks.

Reganosa provides O&M, network simulation, engineering, consultancy and training services related to design, construction, commissioning, operation and maintenance activities of regasification plants, gas pipelines and basic gas network infrastructure. At present, national and international experience in this area of business ranges from conducting feasibility studies to the operation and maintenance of LNG terminals. During 2016, the company participated in gas projects in 6 countries and 4 continents: Colombia, in America; Mozambique, in Africa; Kuwait, in Asia; and, in Europe, France, Spain and Malta.

In addition, it forms part of several national and international organizations in the sector, and cooperates with regulatory authorities for the preparation of regulations. It is a member of ENTSOG, where it works together with other European TSOs to promote and ensure a coordinated approach and the adequate technical evolution of the transmission network in Europe.

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